A collective of seasoned professionals, AGI's leadership team brings a wealth of operational experience that transcends conventional boundaries. Led by a cadre of industry veterans with decades of combined expertise, each member brings a unique perspective honed through years of hands-on involvement in diverse operational environments. With an unwavering commitment to efficiency, safety, and client satisfaction, our leadership team is poised to navigate the complexities of ground handling with unparalleled skill, ensuring seamless operations even in the most challenging circumstances.
Headshot of Jared Azcuy.

Jared Azcuy

Chief Executive Officer
Headshot of Angelo Gencarelli.

Angelo Gencarelli

Chief Financial Officer
Headshot of Roger Larreur.

Roger Larreur

Chief Commercial Officer
Headshot of Jerry Finn.

Jerry Finn

President, AGI Cargo
Headshot of Gerald Kolasch

Gerald Kolasch

Chief Operating Officer, AGI
Headshot of Serge Elkhoueiry

Serge Elkhoueiry

Chief Operating Officer, AGI Ground
Headshot of Brandy Frazier

Brandy Frazier

Chief People Officer
Headshot of Drew Kofeldt

Drew Kofeldt

Chief Safety Officer
Headshot of Franco Butera

Franco Butera

Chief Technology Officer